Participants in our past workshops have enjoyed the mix of work and play, with 95% evaluating the program as “very” or “extremely satisfying.” They have also had great success with achieving lucidity, with most having had one or more lucid dreams during the program. Each workshop has seen a return of several alumni, back for refreshers and reunions.

We hope you will join us for our next Dreaming and Awakening program. In addition to having lots of fun and making new friends, rest assured that you will experience reality in a new light, and that the principles of lucid dreaming you learn will help you discover what is important in your life, day and night.

Here’s a sampling of what alumni have to say about their Dreaming and Awakening workshop experiences.

“While I am a big fan of the lucid dream induction techniques provided by the Buddhist tradition..., the techniques that Stephen has developed over the past nearly forty years are superior. Dream Yoga goes deeper than lucid dreaming (it’s about using the lucid dream state for spiritual practice), and therefore is more advanced in a spiritual sense, but Stephen’s induction techniques for lucidity are more sophisticated. At least for me. They really work.”
Andrew Holecek, participant and guest presenter (Kalani, Oct ’12; Sept ’13)

“[I was] extemely satisfied with the program, and had more lucid dreams during the workshop than I would normally have in a similar amount of time.”
   “I no longer have frightening dreams at all!

Russell Targ, participant and guest presenter (Kalani, Nov ’05, and comment '06)

Scientific rigour was balanced by an equally scientific (but rather rare) openness to possibilities beyond what our current categories and world-views allow. I came away with a strong foundation of basic knowledge and practice to build on as I embark on my new life as an oneironaut — and the confidence that ‘Yes, I can!’”
—Trevor S. (Kalani, May ’11)

“[Stephen] has tremendous deep understanding... challenging himself through lucid dreaming is not about having more lucid dreams or more prolonged lucid dreams. He had thousands. It is more about exploring the nature of the Self, of Consciousness and Reality. With the right attitude, a lucid dream can lead to opportunities to find guidance and self-transformation in life.”
Tim Post, Snoozon founder (Kalani, Apr ’11)

“I recently attended TLI's workshop in beautiful Hawaii seeking to improve my lucid dreaming, but came away with SO much more. Years of interest in dreams, religious mysticism, reality, and related subjects all came together to provide a truly life changing experience for me.
   Study pales in comparison to the potential to actually LIVE these fantastic adventures and mystical experiences through the power of lucid dreaming. I was able to achieve lucidity multiple times at the workshop. Now I go to bed every night KNOWING tonight can be another magical experience. The carry over to the waking state is rich and extensive. I can't thank Stephen enough for the gift he has made available to all of us.”

— Russ C. (Kalani, Sept ’10, Nov ’11, Sept ’13)

“This has never, ever, ever happened to me before. My immersion in a group of people actually interested in lucid dreams was a miracle. Aside from my wife, I have never met a person who cares about dreams, or who wouldn’t look for my Bellevue ID bracelet if I started discussing them.
   Not only did you show me a side of humanity that I had forgotten existed, you proved that that facet of the soul is a real pipeline for creativity, imagination, and love. That, and I can finally abandon the lonely, ‘am I just insane?’ feeling that crept in whenever I wondered if I was the only lucid dreamer I would ever know.
   Bless you all for reopening for me a spirited world of exploration and excitement on which I had nearly slammed a very heavy ethereal door.”

— Peter L. (Kalani, Feb ’02)

“Back home, I find myself feeling like a noticeably different being than the one that left—a sense of having unfolded like a flower, opened my petals and found myself blessed by the gentle rain....The beauty and climate and raw energy of the big island was well-matched by the spirit of our group. I am delighted to be ... part of a sweet, compassionate, funny, creative, wild band of characters.”
— Joy F. (Kalani, Feb ’02)

“This retreat has simply been one of the most profound experiences of my life. So many connections of my own fragmented insights and life experiences coming together in such a short time has brought about a qualitative change in my mind and heart. I had no idea the depth and essence of what you are researching and teaching. I have had the chance to learn through direct experience, beyond words and theories. A balancing of science and spiritual insight and truly heart warming humanity. I am having deeply lucid dreams since leaving Kalani and learning directly many of the things discussed during the retreat.
— Jeffrey D. (Kalani, Oct ’07, Mar ’10)

“‘DreamCamp’ has been an awakening into a synthesis of many threads in my life: science and ecstasy, knowledge and experience, experimentation and speculation, philosophy and practice.
   Living with a crowd of lucid people for a week felt somehow like home. I think meeting all these kind and fascinating people was maybe the most important feature of ‘DreamCamp’.
   Besides all the lectures, the dream sharing sessions, the exercises: Nothing, no book, no video can substitute being there, meeting and being with Stephen LaBerge, Keelin, Dominick, and all the lucid dreamers. This was a unique atmosphere. It is a continuous awakening...”

— Ralf P. (Maui, Feb ’01)

“LaBerge's presentations open the door to an exciting new dimension where anything is possible! A place where we can become aware of the deeply rooted beliefs, hopes, and fears that affect our waking lives, and explore and become all that we have dreamt of being. This workshop provides a wonderful opportunity to learn the most effective techniques for incorporating lucid dreaming into one's daily practice.”
— Eileen K. (Kalani, April ’07)

“This retreat is an absolute MUST for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of lucid dreaming. It rekindled my enthusiasm and brought me face to face with people who are just as excited to explore as I am. Stephen, Alan [Wallace], Keelin, and Dominick put together a great program designed to introduce lucid dreaming at a fundamental level, but also structured to bring more experienced dreamers deeper into their practices. I hope to find myself at DreamCamp again soon, and not just in a dream!”
— Ben R. (Kalani, July ’05)

It was one of the greatest experiences in my life. Stephen's teachings were great and meeting incredible people made for an amazing week, exploring consciousness through the dream world. Learning how to do it with such effective techniques changed my life and made my motivation stronger. I feel a profound and amazing inspiration in my heart and I'll be forever in gratitude with Dr. LaBerge, Keelin, and the entire group. Thank you so much!”
— Gonzalo B. (San Diego, June ’12)

“ unforgettably Vivid experience—with a capital V! The magic trio of Stephen, Keelin, and Dominick made the workshop a fantastic experience and worth every Swedish krona! Add to that dream sharing sessions, an opportunity to use a NovaDreamer, group meals and discussions with fellow oneironauts, plus the fantastic environment—Wow! (or should I say 'Holy Moly!'?). Thanks all for a great time! Keep spinning!”
— Nic E. (Kalani, April ’07)

“I got to learn about lucid dreaming whilst having a holiday in Hawaii—a double winner. The course organizers and teachers were fantastic. I had 4 lucid dreams whilst there and remembered 34 dreams in total. It was well worth the 92-hour round trip to get there and back from the UK. Thank you all for a great awakening!”
— Wayne L. (Kalani, Nov ’11)

“The experience was an inspiration. Stephen's presentations were both wise and insightful yet so funny and entertaining that I was mesmerized, Keelin took such loving care of us, and Hawaii did the rest. ... I felt I was in the midst of very sharp, very creative people, and appreciated the wonderful lucid dreams they shared.”
— Naomi R. (Kalani, Feb ’02)


“This was an adventure of the best kind, an expedition into unmapped regions of the mind. From our beautiful base-camp on the wild and rugged coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, we lit out for the territories every night, our way illumined by Stephen’s brilliant lectures and mind-bending audio-visual demonstrations, our loads lightened by Keelin’s radiant good will, and cheered on by the collective support of our fellow psychonauts.
  You might not expect team-work to matter much in a private experience like dreaming, but that would be to underestimate just how communal we ‘beach monkeys’ must be. With every-one focussed on consciousness, I made steady progress, my nightly non-lucid dreams becoming more vivid, our day-time excursions to beach, volcano and warm springs more dream-like.
   Once Stephen and Keelin and my new ‘Dream Camp’ friends started showing up during REM, I could feel the momentum gathering for a summit attempt. On the ninth night, the walls came down, the membrane sheared, the illusion shattered—and I was in a new world! I’m not getting over the excitement, ever.”

— Bucky M. (Kalani, Nov ’02)

[Download Bucky’s delightful article on his adventures at Kalani, reprinted from Esquire: LOOSE BUT LUCID: A DREAMER IN PARADISE (pdf)]

“Miraculously, everyone shed all inhibitions about revealing personal aspects of their dreams; surreal situations experienced in false awakenings, and bizarre missed NovaDreamer cues. I found myself thinking what a pity it was that all families did not share this degree of frankness and emotional support—and this among a group who had never met each other before!
   In between sessions we cavorted in the pool, sang semi-irreverent chants in the hot tub, endured delightful physical shocks via the sauna and snaky slide into the deep end of the pool, enjoyed deep muscle massage by a choice of dark-eyed gentle-handed houris, strolled around the tropical gardens spotting woo-woo stone circles left behind by earlier guests, searched for the legendary garden goat, ate excellent food, tripped to the beach and mountain tops, shopped in the little towns, and, delight of delights, discussed nothing but lucid dreaming for seven days.
   One little cameo begs to be told. After the city life, the silence at night in the Hawaiian hills is awesome. On one such night, I got up at 4am after an intense sequence of attempted lucid dreaming, and crept, silent as an astral projection, out of my room to get a glass of water. There outside in the hallways and dining veranda, creeping and whispering together like Dante’s shades, were almost all my fellow attendees.
   I guess you had to be there.”

— Alan T. (Maui, Feb ’01)

“Even for the empirically-minded, the insights on dreaming cause you to reevaluate the mechanics of the sleeping mind. And, unexpectedly, these insights spill over into waking consciousness. Highly recommended.”
Jeff Warren, author, Head Trip (Kalani, Nov ’04)

“... golden opportunities for would-be lucid dreamers to learn the basics from the best. A terrific mix of superb content and unique people. What did I bring home? Better skills, more insight, new friends, and great memories.
   Imagine dropping out of your day-to-day drudgery and signing up for ten days devoted to lucid dreaming. I did it—twice. Whether you are a beginner or skilled, this camaraderie in consciousness makes it a pilgrimage you should make.”

— Stephen B. (Stanford, ’96, ’98)

“This DreamCamp experience was transforming in many ways. The energy of the island, the vividness of my lucid dreams, and the quality of my meditations combined to make it an unforgettable trip.
   Although I attended the Dreaming and Awakening seminar at Kalani in 2002, this time was eminently more meaningful, more mindful and more magical! Ah...and then there were the Dreamers! So wonder-full, so engaging, so powerful. I think this was one of the very best times in my life, and as I am coming up on the half century mark, that is saying something.”

— June L. (Kalani, ’02; July ’05, Sept ’10, Jun ’12)

“Stephen was lively and charming and he found his way into my lucid dreams! So did Keelin with special dream messages from beyond. Alan Wallace's meditations and Dream Yoga exercises were valuable and insightful. I was very grateful to be able to ask many questions.
   This retreat was so powerful for me, that I had consecutive lucid dreams five nights in a row, which has never happened to me before. This proves to me that Stephen's lucid dream training works, especially when combined with meditation. I would highly recommend this retreat and training program for anyone interested in lucid dreamwork.”

— Eve L. (Kalani, July ’05)

“Simply put, exploring Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s writings and his workshop in Hawaii is the best investment I ever made. Just pursuing a lucid dream—meditating on it—ups the quality of my life. Actually having lucid dreams enabled me to put a recurring nightmare to rest after 20 years, and to deal with a phobia that consumed far too much of my energy and optimism. I encourage anyone with an interest to pursue this skill.”
Steve Volk, author, Fringe-ology (Kalani, Mar ’10)

“I started experimenting with lucid dreaming about a year ago and as of February of this year had had one lucid dream. I went to the Dreaming and Awakening retreat at Kalani in February and I have had nine in the two months since. So, if it is at all possible, attend the next retreat, maximize your efforts over a 10 day period in paradise, and you’ll come back with the right kind of intent. It worked for me, so why not you? ... I think the best part was being together with so many open minds and open hearts. I broke down a lot of walls, which opened up a lot of worlds....”
— Myles C. (Kalani, Feb ’02)

A ‘DreamCamp’ redux for me was an absolute delight. All of the warmth I experienced during my first excursion into Stephen and Keelin’s dreamland (Feb ’02) still radiated, emanating softly from a bright new constellation of campers, each of whom was a unique addition to my experience that I hadn't expected but gratefully welcomed! Stephen’s discussions were just as invigorating, and Keelin’s glow of sweet caring goodness simply could not be eclipsed. And, of course, Kalani itself is a place from which one never wishes to leave! I hope I have opportunity in the future to go to DreamCamp again and again.”
— Peter L. (Kalani, Mar ’04, July ’05)

I had a fantastic time at the Dreaming and Awakening retreat. It helped very much to renew my confidence in my own ability to have lucid dreams by being surrounded by so many people who are as enthusiastic about lucid dreaming as myself. The beautiful environment...helped to induce wonderful images that I am still seeing in my dreams....Thanks to all for making it a uniquely rewarding experience.”
— Bryan B. (Kalani, Feb ’02)

“In the sky of dreams, I was used to falling [asleep] through the cloudy night, only to crash-land into wakefulness the next morning with a few brief clips of what I had passed on the way down. The teachings from DreamCamp have given me a parachute to slowly glide through my dreams, observing the contents of my mind on the way down. My interface with the solid ground of waking life is more fluid and meaningful as a result. Thank you all for a great awakening!”
— Valerie C. (Kalani, July ’05)

The Dreaming and Awakening retreat was exactly that—the more I explored my dreamworld, the more I awakened in my daily life. Thank you for decades of research and inspiration that make this riveting realm easier than ever for myself and others to access. Not to mention, it was SO much fun!”
— Drew H. (Kalani, April ’07)

The workshop was dramatic and magical. Stephen is a charismatic character as well as a brilliant speaker and teacher. It was so much fun listening to Stephen, being surrounded by fellow participants and our guides, Keelin and Dom, in a lush, remote, surreal resort. We all met as strangers, and parted as fellow oneironauts who will always have a connection. And, we DREAMED! We hope to do it again someday.”
— Michael and Devera W. (Kalani, Nov ’06)

“Dreaming and Awakening basically blew my mind. Any ‘lucid’ dreams I thought I'd had prior to attending the workshop turned out to be nothing more than foreplay. The lucid dream I had during the program was one of the most amazing, unforgettable and moving experiences I have ever had.
   Dreaming and Awakening opened new doors, arenas, worlds, galaxies, and realities for me, both in my dream life—and in my waking life. There's no turning back now—consciousness is a whole new game for me; I truly know now what it means to ‘wake up to your dreams!’”

— Mike R. (Kalani, July ’05)

“The workshop was more than I expected. I had a lucid dream for the first time in several years and I was truly excited about that! The information was very informative, extremely entertaining, and given with sincere determination to help us become lucid dreamers. The other participants were genuinely friendly, and their enthusiasm enhanced my interest and determination. Fledgling oneironauts would find a wealth of information in this workshop to assist them in becoming first time lucid dreamers.”
— Curtis G. (Kalani, April ’07)

‘DreamCamp’ was great! I didn't want it to end. The morning and evening sessions gave so much information to reflect on during the afternoons. Every day was exciting but always with the anticipation of getting to sleep and trying out techniques and ideas discussed.”
— Lisa L. (Kalani, Mar ’04)



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