Lucidity Institute's Dreaming and Awakening
Scholarship Application Form

Scholarships to attend Lucidity Institute's Dreaming and Awakening workshop at reduced rates may be offered if space is available close to the program's start date. Applicants who qualify will be placed on a waiting list and contacted to discuss possible awards and service exchange details. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Scholarship awards apply only to the tuition fee. Room and board, transportation and any other expenses incurred by the attendee are not included. Applicants are advised to check into lodging and transportation costs prior to applying for a scholarship.

Full name

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Have you participated in any of the past or current research experiments offered on Lucidity Institute's website?

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If yes, which experiments?

If no, please read the instructions for the dream comparison study and contribute at least two non-lucid dream reports before completing and submitting this application form.

What books have you read on the subject of lucid dreaming? (Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming is required reading prior to the retreat for all scholarship recipients.)

Approximately how often do you remember your dreams?

Approximately how often do you have LUCID dreams? (i.e., dreams in which you know that you are dreaming)

What is your age and occupation?

What are the circumstances that require you to apply for a scholarship to the Dreaming and Awakening workshop in Hawaii?

Approximately, what is the maximum amount you would be able to pay toward the registration fee?

What is the approximate total of your travel and lodging expenses?

What do you value about lucid dreaming?

Describe the service you are willing to offer in exchange for a scholarship (e.g., research data entry or analysis, web design, computer programming, videography, legal expertise, etc.) and include a URL or example. When making your serivce offer, please note that Kalani is a full-service retreat center whose staff provides all meals and house-keeping/maintenance chores.

Please press "Submit Form" only once. The response page may take several moments to appear.



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